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milk tea

Coffee Milk Tea

  Coffee Milk Tea After returning from a visit to China, I searched for a coffee shop that could make the incredibly smooth and light tea drink that … [read more]

Brownie Cookies

Brownie Cookies

Brownie Cookies Sometimes a person will ask, “What is your favorite go-to dessert?” I have to admit, in my home I have occasionally made brownies several … [read more]

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coop john and i

  When I moved to Plant City, Florida, I thought the only Southern food I was going to get was my own. That was until … [read more]


My second cookbook releases on October 27th. It is very exciting! This is what you can expect from the … [read more]

grown up smores

I'm not sure how National S'mores Day is in August (10th) but let's celebrate!  Who wouldn't want to celebrate with s'mores? … [read more]